Cometh Battle & Ledger Live Launch: A Space-Themed Metaverse Game with Play-to-Earn Opportunities on the Polygon Blockchain Jan 2023

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cometh battle

Cometh Battle is a new space-themed, 1v1 tactical card game. Its unique, open-ended metaverse allows players to build their decks and compete in weekly tournaments and monthly championships. In addition, it offers NFT rentals and DeFi-backed NFT crafting systems.

Now Available on Ledger Live

Ledger Live users can now benefit from a special Welcome Pack offer. For only $3.99 USDC, you get four boosters of 5 playable card NFTs and 5000 Galactic Credits.

Ledger Live users can benefit from an exclusive Welcome Pack offer when accessing Cometh Battle. For only $3.99 USDC, you get four boosters of 5 playable card NFTs + 5000 Galactic Credits that you can use to purchase non-NFT playable cards or NFT emojis.

This one-time offer is displayed in the Galactic Shop, accessible from the Cometh Battle Main Menu.

Ledger Live: Your All-In-One Platform

Ledger is dedicated to its vision of integrating and supporting a wide range of  Web3 apps, services, and platforms, putting the ever-growing world of crypto in the hands of millions of users and helping them embrace financial freedom and digital ownership. Join us on this journey and securely navigate the fantastic world of Web3.

Set up Ledger Live with Your Device. Here’s How!

Update the firmware on your Ledger device for your Ledger Nano S / Nano S Plus / Nano X.

Install the Polygon app on your Ledger device.

  • Open Ledger Live and navigate to the My Ledger tab.
  • Connect and unlock your Ledger device.
  • If asked, allow My Ledger to access your device.
  • Search for the Polygon (MATIC) app in the app catalog.
  • Click the Install button to install the app on your Ledger device.

Your Ledger device displays Processing. Ledger Live shows Installed.

Next Steps

  • Create your first Polygon (MATIC) account in Ledger Live.
  • Receive MATIC and ERC20 tokens into your Polygon account.
  • Send MATIC and ERC20 tokens from your Polygon account.
  • Learn more about MATIC and the Polygon network here.

Let’s get to the Game!

Space-inspired Metaverse GameFi Solution

Cometh is a space-inspired metaverse with a focus on play and earning. Players can link up to other players’ spaceships and mine for tokens. In the process, they can explore different planets, battle one another, and craft items. The company is also working on a mobile app.

Cometh is a play-to-earn GameFi solution on the Polygon blockchain. It combines several aspects of blockchain technology to create an enticing experience. For starters, it offers a robust token distribution system, allowing players to venture into Polygon infrastructure without worrying about crazy gas prices.

Aside from introducing the Game’s first NFT, the company has also released a new onboarding process that is user-friendly and easy to understand. This includes a quick onboarding process for new players, a simple token-to-wallet swap, and a collection highlighting mechanism that makes finding a trove of goodies easy.

Free to Play – 1v1 Tactical Card Game

Cometh Battle is a free-to-play 1v1 tactical card game. To get you started, Cometh has a free 40-card deck. Booster packs are available for purchase using in-game resources.

Cometh is the brainchild of a team of game developers from Korea. They have produced two notable games in the last few years, including Mines of Dalarnia and SIEGE: Apocalypse. In a nutshell, Cometh is a next-generation blockchain game that uses a metaverse to deliver a unique and engaging experience. With a robust platform, players will be able to play in a virtual space that is not only secure but also fun.

Aside from a plethora of cards, Cometh features a robust trading system that allows players to trade and buy spaceships. You can use your resources to craft unique cards and the best possible deck. Alternatively, you can rent your cards and collect a hefty percentage of the Game’s earnings.

NFT Rental and Defi Backed NFT Crafting systems

While game economies were once a closed ecosystem, the NFT industry is changing how we play. The Cometh Battle NFT Rental and Defi Backed NFT Crafting systems are two innovations that bring a new perspective to the gaming world. These new platforms are helping individuals put their digital assets to work.

Players can trade NFTs through the Sandbox Marketplace. They can also create games, avatars, and other virtual items.

Reign of Terror is a mixed reality simulation game that takes place in a cyberpunk dystopian future world. It is built on the Solana blockchain technology.

The following land grab is taking place in the digital world. Ultra-wealthy individuals have already seized physical property from nations, and the subsequent land grab is about to take place in the digital world.

Monthly Championships Can Earn Spaceships

Cometh Battle, a new game developed by Web3 French Games Studio, combines classic game mechanics with blockchain technology. Players build decks based on their play style. They can craft items, trade cards, and battle against other players.

In this innovative free-to-play card game, players can earn a spaceship to venture to different stars and explore their surroundings. The perks of owning a spaceship include improving your skills and winning a limited number of rewarded games a day.

Aside from the usual suspects, Cometh offers new features, like a staking program that rewards players with extended gameplay. The platform is also optimized for exchanges, with features like an advanced filtering system and a wallet connect experience.

Cometh Battle aims to redefine the application of blockchain technology to trading card games. It is designed to encourage fair, competitive play while encouraging peer-to-peer economics.

Weekly Tournaments with Large Prize Pools

Cometh Battle is a free-to-play, tactical card game with unique pixel art graphics. The Game features various activities, such as a trading system, crafting, cards, and spaceships.

Cometh Battle is the newest innovation from the French games studio Cometh. It combines classic game mechanics with blockchain technology. In the Game, players control their spaceships. They can craft items, trade cards, earn Galactic Credits, and purchase NFTs.

There is a large prize pool for competitive players. As a reward, players can receive a ship and a starter deck. Those who place 100th or higher in tournaments can earn extra earnings. Players are also able to join events and tournaments to enhance their skills.

Cometh is dedicated to providing its community with a space-inspired metaverse. Players can explore different stars, travel to other planets, and battle other players.

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