Launches NFT Emotes in the Creator Market Coinciding with Metaverse Music Festival Nov 2022

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What is an Emote?

According to the Merrian-Webster dictionary:

” To give expression to emotion, especially in acting.” Now Decentraland will add to the definition with dance moves.”

Wikipedia describes an Emote as:

“An emote is an entry in a text-based chat client that indicates an action taking place. Unlike emoticons, they are not text art and describe the action using words or images.”

Basic Emotes are Available Free in Decentraland

The majority of Decentraland people ought to be familiar with Emotes. Waving to your pals, doing the ‘Hammer’ dance at a show, or responding with ‘Head Explode’ upon seeing a new wild Wearable are classic times when Emotes are used. The common Emotes you currently know are available totally free to anybody in Decentraland, similar to the fundamental complimentary choice of Wearables you dress your avatar in on your first visit to Decentraland.

Now, for something cutting edge … You’d better get ready for your ‘Head Explode’ Emote on that Emote speed dial since there are about to be much more new and remarkable Emotes around Decentraland. Anyone can submit and make Emotes now!

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Virtual Avatars with Dynamic Dance Moves

Emotes are virtual avatars that have interactive and dynamic movements. In Decentraland, these emotes allow players to perform various activities and have new shortcuts. Players will also be able to wear them as wearables and connect them with their Decentraland DAO.

Glamorous fashion poses were given freely. New emotes first launched at this year’s Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland. They will be available at a statue in the Luxury District. By doing this, they will receive one of three new fashion-related NFT emotes. Each of these emotes will be available while supplies last and are limited to one per player.

Create Custom Emotes in Creator Market to Sell in Decentraland

Users can also create custom Emotes. They can generate avatar animations by combining several pieces of clothing. The Emotes can also be sold in the Marketplace. There is a publishing fee for each NFT emote, and there are restrictions on how many copies are minted.

Moreover, Decentraland emotes represent the self-expression of the user. These are controlled by a graphical interface (UI) that creators can customize. In addition to customizing the UI, players can also purchase emotes to express themselves more effectively.

In addition to the Decentraland mobile app, Decentraland is working on a desktop client for players. These platforms will enable players to connect with their friends. They are also exploring VR and plan to conduct a beta test. They are also planning to improve their private chat system, giving players more power and flexibility over the platform.

Metaverse Music Festival Scheduled for November 2022

Mentioning taking dance contests to the next level, the Metaverse Music Festival is turning up the freak switch in mid-November, and there’s something unique planned for Creators. To celebrate the Music Festival and NFT Emotes, the Decentraland Foundation will host a dance moves Emote contest weeks before the big occasion! Don’t sleep on this; start preparing the next ultimate killer dance move you’ll produce. Stay tuned for more news about the contest in the coming weeks.

What are you waiting for? Get to produce and show the world your moves! The neighborhood can’t wait to see what you make.

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