Ledger the Top Hardware Wallet Maker Expanding into Web3 Space Dec 2022

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Earlier this year, Ledger made several security announcements and partnerships at their bi-annual Ledger Op3n conference. The company is known for being the world’s leading provider of hardware wallets but is now looking to expand into the Web3 space. This new initiative will focus on NFTs (nonfungible tokens) and include a secure treasury management platform, smart contract creation and ownership capabilities, and an NFT marketplace.

Ledger Academy and New Debit Card

Ledger also announced that they are designing an educational platform called Ledger Academy, which will help users understand the technology behind the crypto world. Ledger is also developing a new debit card, which will connect directly with a crypto wallet. The card will be available in the U.K., France, and Germany during the first quarter of 2022. The card will allow users to instantly convert cryptocurrencies to fiat when purchasing or paying for things.

Introducing Ledger Nano S Pods & Accessories

Ledger Live NFT Includes Drops and Marketplace

Ledger also announced the Ledger Enterprise Create, a secure treasury management solution designed for NFTs. The new product will allow brands to scale Web3 operations by providing end-to-end security and treasury management. The company is also planning to launch a secure NFT marketplace, including curated NFT drops from leading artists. The Ledger will also introduce a new feature that allows users to run their nodes on Ledger Live.

The Ledger Live cloud-based app will allow users to buy, sell, or receive crypto assets. It will also support swaps through several partners. It will also remain connected with a hardware wallet for confirmation.

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Invest Directly from Paycheck

Ledger is also planning to launch a credit feature allowing users to convert a percentage of their paycheck into crypto assets. This feature will be interesting to see when it’s released. The company will also develop a learn-to-earn Web3 game, focusing on helping newcomers get started with the technology.

Ledger’s enterprise business secures billions of assets and protects over 20% of the world’s digital assets. Ledger offers services and enterprise solutions to help companies, governments, and nonprofits. The company also plans to launch Ledger Enterprise Create, a complete tech suite that provides the best security and governance. It’s also creating a new Web3 educational platform called Ledger Academy.

Number 1 Hardware Wallet Secures Top NFT Exchange

Ledger’s Enterprise business is also a key player in the crypto ecosystem. Ledger secures over 40 percent of Bored Apes, the largest crypto asset exchange in the world, and has booked 45 of the top 100 transactions on OpenSea. It is also one of the leading players in the crypto market, with over 4 million units sold in 180 countries. Ledger’s hardware and software wallets are secure. The company’s hardware wallets are used for secure exchanges and staking and are connected to Ledger Live.

The Ledger Nano S Plus will be an improved version of the Ledger Nano, with a larger screen, more flash memory for loading, and a new industry-leading security element. The Ledger Nano S Plus will also support more plugins, making it easier for users to load applications directly onto the product. Ledger also plans to launch a new hardware wallet that is more secure than the original.

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