What You Should Know About Decentraland and the Vroomway System

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Currently, there is a lot of buzz around Decentraland and its Vroomway system. This system was introduced to allow people to buy and sell virtual goods and services. The vroomway system has been around since January this year, but it has only recently gained momentum. Here are some things that you should know about it.

FUEL System Rewards Players

During the heyday of gaming, players spent far too many hours cooped up in single-instance instances of video games and MMORPGs. Luckily, developers at Decentraland have come up with a solution. A new gaming platform named Vroomway is slated to be rolled out in phases. Vroomway’s neo-sandbox will boast several new features, including a social network where players can make friends, trade items, and compete in races. This new endeavor aims to create an environment where players can have fun and not get their feelings bruised.

The main gimmick is the FUEL system, a novel feature that enables players to reap the rewards of their efforts. The FUEL system is akin to a gas station, and players can earn their fill of the good stuff by participating in the MMORPGs mentioned above or by logging on at night. Unlike traditional energy systems, FUEL refuels itself every 24 hours, allowing players to do it again the next day.

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Virtual Goods and Services

Users can use a mobile app or web interface to participate in Vroomway’s competitive motorsport experience. Users can also test drive vehicles in various styles and even compete in a parkour-style obstacle course in PVE mode. This interaction may sound like a pipe dream, but according to the Decentraland website, it is not and should be within reach of the average joe in no time.

This interface is the experience that mobile enthusiasts have been clamoring about. One such player, the Barbados government, signed a contract with the devs to establish a virtual embassy in the iota a few months back. One exciting aspect of this deal is that it is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. This will make Decentraland’s developers and players of all stripes happy.

Game Mechanics Adds FUEL to Interactions

Despite its name, Vroomway is not a race track. Instead, it is a space station connecting two worlds. Players can use their vehicles to move from one world to the next. It is also a social space, allowing gamers to hang out with others and enjoy the game.

The FUEL system encourages players to return to the game regularly, as it is rechargeable. The more FUEL they collect, the more rewards they can receive. Spending FUEL on new items, such as vehicles or items with higher FUEL values, is also possible. Players can also join parties, where they can earn FUEL through dancing.

FUEL is distributed proportionally to what players spend on the platform in a single day. Players can earn FUEL by participating in events, dancing, and consuming food, beverages, and other goods.

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