Decentraland Events – The Future of Metaverse Gaming AR/VR for 2022

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Decentral Games is a Metaverse leader in providing music, gaming, and gambling in the augmented/virtual reality world. Ice poker is no doubt the most popular casino gaming tournament around. Events are scheduled throughout the week and beyond. Here is where you can find out what’s happening in “THE” Metaverse = Decentraland.

A Few Games With Events Upcoming

Join us in Tominoya for FREE Play Game Night w/ $250 in $DG up for grabs! Enjoy DJ music and hanging out with your friends as you test your luck against the house, at no cost to you.

Top 5 places pay out!

FREE Play Competition – $250 in $DG Prizes as listed below:

1st Place – $125 in $DG

2nd Place – $75 in $DG

3rd Place – $25 in $DG

4th Place – $15 in $DG

5th Place – $10 in $DG

All prizes are sent on the Polygon network. The Schedule of upcoming events can be found here.

Virtual Gameplay with Real Money

The gameplay platform of Decentraland is based on multiple land parcels with different entertainment facilities. The gaming platform is powered by the Ethereum blockchain technology network and fueled by MANA and LAND tokens. Hence, it is a viable option for gamers who are accustomed to playing virtual worlds with real money. Listed on the Ethereum exchange, the game was launched on the 20th of February 2020. This gaming platform aims to promote decentralized gaming by providing users with a unique gaming experience.

NFT Content Creators Looking for a New Artistic Medium

Players of Decentraland can exchange cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin for MANA, a native token. Then they can spend these tokens to buy avatars, wearables, and names in the marketplace. The community is comprised of individuals, businesses, and content creators looking for a new artistic medium. Players can purchase property from the in-game marketplace or through intermediary exchanges like OpenSea. The game also contains a gallery for showcasing artwork, which is represented in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The Decentraland gaming platform is made up of individual parcels of land, each with its own contents, including casinos, art galleries, and games. Decentraland users socialize using avatars, which allow them to establish a personal appearance. This way, they can easily contact other users. In order to create an avatar, all you need to do is to provide a valid email address, and the website will send you an avatar code.

Decentraland Virtual District Has Eye on Becoming a City

Land in the Fashion Street sector of Decentraland is considered a hot zone. This sector is expected to host major digital fashion events featuring world-famous labels. Users will be able to buy avatar clothes and other items by creating these virtual shops on the Decentraland platform. Each parcel has an area of approximately 52.5 square feet. Eventually, developers hope to develop this sector into a full-fledged city in the future. In the meantime, Decentraland is a viable platform for developers to build their virtual properties.

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The blockchain-based virtual world, Decentraland, has been making headlines in recent months. In 2018 alone, players have made gains of up to 500 percent in trading digital assets on the Metaverse. The platform’s platform uses non-fungible tokens and a native token called MANA. LAND has NFT attributes that make it an attractive investment opportunity. The company is targeting the future of blockchain-based virtual worlds.

How to Get Started in Decentraland?

Once you register for the game, you must choose your avatar. The avatar creation screen displays several choices. A player can select his or her body shape, hairstyle, and name. An avatar’s MANA balance is needed to play certain games. Purchasing crypto pairs can be done by buying MANA. A player can also choose from a list of various avatars. It is recommended that players purchase at least a few MANA to start playing the Decentraland games.

The gaming platform will feature Atari-themed games on non-fungible token assets. The company is best known for video games and has collaborated with the game developer Virtually Human Studio to create Zed Run, an Ethereum-based game. As for Atari, the partnership with the gaming company is a step in the right direction for the gambling industry. There are plans to add other games to the Decentraland platform soon.

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