MANA & SAND Struggle as New Wave Token Gorilix (SILVA) Pre-Sale Shows 3X Gain After Debut July ’22

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Inflation, recession, economic meltdown, crypto winter. All these terms spell out the same message. Altcoin values have diminished greatly since the start of 2022. MANA and SAND are viable Metaverse options, but a new wave token is gaining headway.

Gorilix (SILVA) Positions Itself a Viable Investor Option

After an initial flush of publicity and speculation, Metaverse tokens Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND) have seen their value continue to slide throughout 2022. At a time when the entire crypto industry seems to be losing ground, investors are looking to the next wave of tokens to balance their portfolios. Gorilix (SILVA) is positioning itself to be the solution to that problem.

Decentraland Token (MANA) Still Struggling

By late November 2021, MANA was riding high, passing the $5.00 mark as investors staked claims to their bits of the Metaverse. The news since then hasn’t been encouraging. As part of a steady slide, Mana has struggled to reach $1.00 since its last significant rally in mid-May.

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Things aren’t much better with SAND, which exceeded $8.40 for the first and only time on the same day that MANA pushed briefly past $5.00. Since the middle of May, SAND has joined MANA in the doldrums, riding just atop $1.00 for most of that time while never making a sustained move to higher support.

The first week of July saw a break from the selloff that characterized the first half of 2022, but both MANA and SAND are finding it difficult to establish new, higher levels of price support. Meanwhile, a newcomer has bucked the broader trend with a steadily impressive presale.

SILVA Pre-sale Shows Positive 3X Price Move

Gorilix (SILVA) has risen more than threefold since it debuted at $0.008, and with two weeks left in the first stage of its presale, more investors appear to be coming off the fence before the token’s supply is curtailed in stage 2. It’s an interesting development with a meat-and-potatoes explanation: Gorilix (SILVA) simply makes a stronger use case than coins like MANA and SAND.

Investors, after all, know more about lending, borrowing, and the magic of compound interest than about digital land and NFTs. Those just happen to be SILVA’s central value propositions. As described in the Gorilix Foundation’s recently published white paper, the Gorilix protocol is build around an interest model tied to the token’s value and fluctuations in its liquidity levels, and its blockchain facilitates lending and borrowing. In effect, Gorilix Defi allows each holder to be their own bank.

It’s a practical application of a technology that too often fuels unwarranted hype. While the continuing struggles of older cryptocurrencies may have gone a long way toward bursting the most recent crypto bubble, it may be difficult for tokens like MANA and SAND to convince investors of their long-term prospects for sustaining value. In Gorilix, investors have found a token that proves crypto’s value by supporting functions that have defined civilization for millennia. Not, as is the case with too many other tokens, by reinventing the wheel.

Gorilix plans an IDO launch on Uniswap this September 6.

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