MetaTrekkers & Venice Music Entertainment Platform Launched in Decentraland October ’22

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The MetaTrekkers, with the Venice Music entertainment platform, aims to be an immersive environment where people can share their interests through art, music, and more. Located in Decentraland, this platform provides innovative means to interact with the community and provides a new environment for creative expression.

To that end, MetaTrekkers hosts weekly events, festivals, and special concerts and offers various artistic activities.

MetaTrekkers & Venice Music Provide Collaboration in Decentraland

The MetaTrekkers entertainment platform is constantly creating new ideas and concepts that build upon community interaction. These innovations will provide a ramp for Decentraland to spread its influence and reach.

Moreover, MetaTrekkers will provide an incentive for fans and artists to explore the virtual world. It will also offer a platform for communication and collaboration opportunities. In addition, a collaboration between MetaTrekkers and Venice Music will develop a Decentraland onboarding standard.

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MetaTrekkers is an entertainment platform that focuses on delivering the best experiences in virtual worlds. Its members are rewarded with special rewards and benefits, including voting rights in the MetaTrekkers Club DAO, a Point of Interest in Decentraland. Members of the club will also gain access to metaverse onboarding services, web3 professional development sessions, and access to exclusive events.

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MetaTrekkers Founder Chris Oniya – Entrepreneur & Texas Blockchain Council Ambassador

MetaTrekkers is a platform for artists and other creatives to explore the opportunities of the Metaverse. The platform offers a new way for artists and creatives to connect with their communities and promote their work. In addition, the platform hosts events and festivals in the virtual world of Decentraland and real-world experiences.

Founder Chris Oniya is a professional investor and former entrepreneur. Chris has extensive experience in the technology industry and has held executive roles with many leading tech companies. Also an investor in Ripple and OpenSea and a Houston Ambassador for the Texas Blockchain Council.

Founders can enjoy exclusive airdrops and wearables by high-profile artists, passive income from partnerships, and a trip to the TBC Summit. In addition, MetaTrekkers Club members have access to exclusive events. These events offer a chance for members to win all-expenses-paid trips to the TBC Summit.

Meet the Team Behind MetaTrekkers

MetaTrekkers has created the platform to launch artists’ collaborative works in the Metaverse. The community is growing with the insight and hard work of the team.

Chris Oniya – MetaTrekkers Founder

CK Bubbles – Web3 Advisor

Chris West – Digital Marketing Specialist

Shakes – Creative Director

Swivel Meta – Metaverse Development

Yan – Video Editor

Anele – Web3 Website Developer

Rick – Graphic Designer

Berlin Angelo – SDK/Builder

Junel – Decentraland Events Manager

Joyce – Social Media Manager

Jayrald – Public Relations

MetaTrekkers Entertainment Platform

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