NFT Demon Adds Super Gremlin Collection to Raise Cancer Awareness in Decentraland September 2022

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After the massive success of its past collections with prominent holders such as Eminem on BSC, NFT Demon now expands to the metaverse with his new NFT Collection, Super Gremlin. As of September 2022, The project has acquired a prime spot of land in Decentraland, creating a hub for their NFT Holders to share and create unique experiences. 

Super Gremlin Uses NFTs to Raise Cancer Awareness

Super Gremlin is a unique NFT Project which aims to raise cancer awareness and funds for various organizations that fight this disease. The creator of the project is a brain cancer survivor. While the project aims to raise awareness, it is also a way for people to learn more about NFT Art.

Unlike other NFT projects, Super Gremlin is a community-driven project. Its members contribute to various NGOs fighting cancer, and the money from sales will go towards these organizations. The community will also learn about NFT Art and the NFT DEMON.

Prime Virtual Real Estate Purchased by Super Gremlin Group

Decentraland is a user-oriented virtual metaverse where people can congregate and share ideas and resources worldwide. It is a digital space with its ecosystem, culture, economic opportunities, and even real estate. To grasp the significance of this, it helps to understand what Decentraland is and why it is so important. 

With this in mind, real estate in Decentraland is significant, as attaining a high-quality spot shows your dedication to the metaverse and places your project in a prominent location for Decentraland’s community to see. By acquiring such a place, NFT Demon shows the virtual world that their Super Gremlin NFT collection is a serious project.

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Super Gremlin has been referred to as a blagotvoritel’naia NFT kollektsiia. The Super Gremlin has a lot of supporters and is ideal for those who believe in the idea of decentralization. Dzheremi Raiana is a member of this group and was a financial backer of several non-profit groups. It was a trendy project, with supporters all over the world.

Super Gremlins Joins NFT Collections – Cartel Punks & Badass Doggos

The developer, Jeremy Ryan, is well-known for his previous work in the NFT space. He has a proven track record of creating successful NFT games, including Cartel Punks and Badass Doggos. One of his creations is owned by Eminem himself. Super Gremlins is likely to be another successful NFT game.

Super Gremlin, the Shi Yi Ge NFT Ji He, and the You Ming NFT Demon are two of the most popular Super Gremlins. The Super Gremlin series has been a massive success in China. They have helped the Chinese language become more accessible. They are also popular in North America, the U.S., and worldwide.

About Super Gremlin

Super Gremlin is an NFT Collection aimed to be different from every other project in the NFT space. While other projects focus on profits, the Super Gremlin community helps fund NGOs that fight against cancer every day. Inspired by the story of its founder Jeremy Ryan, a brain cancer survivor, we aim to raise awareness & help various organizations through charitable contributions. The Super Gremlin community will also learn about NFT Art through multiple interactions with its founder, NFT DEMON.

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