Samsung Latin American Virtual House of Sam Targets New Gen Z Metaverse Users Oct 2022

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The House of SAM is a virtual world that will allow people to experience a unique Samsung experience. It will act as a hub for Samsung’s latest innovations. Visitors will be able to interact with other avatars and learn more about Samsung’s SmartThings technology. In addition to this, the virtual environment will allow visitors to experience virtual reality.

Binance Academy Explains What Decentraland is

"Decentraland is a virtual world and community based on blockchain technology. Users develop and own plots of land, artwork, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Members also participate in the platform's Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)…"

"Decentraland is an online space combining virtual reality with blockchain technology. Unlike most online games, players have direct control over the rules of the online world. The DAO allows token holders to vote directly on in-game and organizational policies. This mechanism affects everything, from the types of items allowed to investments for the DAO's treasury…."

About the launch of this new digital space and its objectives, Arthur Wong, marketing director for Samsung Latam, stated:

"Our customers will be able to interact with each other and participate in exclusive shows, courses, and events that we will offer for free at Decentraland, one of the most democratic and open spaces in the metaverse. Our goal is to be ever closer to Gen Z, our younger consumers who no longer draw boundaries between what is physical and what is virtual."

Samsung Growing Its Metaverse Presence

The virtual world has been created by Decentraland, a virtual reality (VR) platform. It will feature a virtual Samsung store, the "House of SAM." It will be an interactive experience that lets users explore and interact with various Samsung products. The virtual world will also feature mini-games and wearable awards for avatars in the Metaverse. The House of SAM was launched on October 1, with an opening event featuring Brazilian group Melim.

This new experience will offer a unique experience in the Metaverse. Visitors will be able to interact with avatars and participate in exclusive events and activities. Moreover, they will be able to learn about the new SmartThings app that connects various electronic devices, including Samsung phones.

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Brand Awareness Demographics Aims to Reach Gen Z

The digital world has been a powerful tool to promote brand awareness, and Samsung has chosen the Ethereum-based metaverse "Decentraland" for its virtual shop. This "House of Sam" is intended to reach a new generation of consumers and introduce the brand to a new demographic.

The House of Sam is a great way to spread the word about a product and create a community. It is a democratic space in the Metaverse, and it makes it easy for people to communicate with each other and create meaningful content. Decentraland has an impressive market cap and is currently trading at $0.65. It has increased by almost 8% in the past 24 hours as of this writing.

Games, Dancing, and Intuitive Product Challenges

Visitors to the house of sam will have access to various mini-games. For example, visitors can play Color Match, where they must match refrigerators. They will also be able to play Let's Dance Challenge, which asks them to dance to pop songs. They will receive points for correct moves. In addition, they will also have the chance to win exclusive wearables.

Since the late 1980s, Samsung has expanded into different sectors. After initially focusing on mobile phones and electronic equipment, Samsung diversified into several other areas, including retail and insurance. Its construction division won numerous contracts to build landmarks across Asia. The group was able to produce over 800 million mobile phones. In the early 2000s, Samsung grouped its companies into five distinct business areas.

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