Decentraland’s 2nd Annual Metaverse Music Fest Featuring Headliners Ozzfest & Soulja Boy Oct 2022

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Metaverse Music Fest

Metaverse Music Fest 2022 will feature music, art, and entertainment from all over the metaverse. The Metaverse Music Festival will take place in Decentraland from November 10th-13th and feature artists from Decentraland and Over the Reality.

Decentraland & Over the Reality Feature Various Talents

The festival will be the first collaboration between these platforms and feature several talented artists. The partnership demonstrates the companies’ willingness to work together and to make the best possible experience for their audiences. Organizers hope to build an industry benchmark through the event, featuring a curated line-up and a prestigious line-up of music.

The festival will take place in Decentraland, an immersive virtual world built on blockchain technology. The festival will feature over 100 artists from all genres and will be free to attend. The festival will also feature dance moves called Emotes, which NFT Emotes can be sold for non-fungible tokens.

Kraken Crypto Platform Hosting Evolution Theme Music Fest

The festival’s theme is “Evolution” and will change over the four-day event. The festival will feature an extensive line-up of international performers and a VIP lounge for those who want to experience the festival with their friends. The event will also feature interactive games, merchandise booths, and chillout areas for people of all ages. To fully experience the festival, you’ll need a gaming PC or high-end graphics card.

Those who are interested in participating should RSVP through the event gateway. It is expected that over fifty thousand people will attend the event. Although the line-up is not yet available, some artists are Web 3.0 luminaries. Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, sponsors the festival. As a part of the festival, participants will also receive unique merch, collectibles, and merchandise from participating artists.

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NFTs Can Be Claimed with Proof of Attendance

The festival will take place on Decentraland, a virtual world platform. Decentraland was the first virtual world festival to host a music festival. The four-day festival attracted more than 50 thousand participants. Attendees received unique Non-Fungible Tokens, which can be claimed using the event’s proof-of-attendance protocol. The festival aimed to celebrate creativity, music, and culture.

Organizers hope to attract as many people as possible to the event. In addition to the bands playing, there will be special events and activities for the community. The festival is free to attend, and attendees do not need to use VR headsets or VR to attend. Some participants will receive exclusive NFT wearables to celebrate the festival. The organizers also plan on holding an after-party party with an NFT gallery.

While the festival itself is free to attend, attendees should purchase a digital wallet to gain access to their accounts. This wallet will store all of their digital assets and progress securely. However, if users do not want to purchase a wallet, they can access Decentraland as a guest. However, without a wallet, they won’t be able to trade in the marketplace, receive daily prizes and airdrops, or log in on a different device.

Headliners Include Ozzfest, Soulja Boy, and Others

Decentraland has acquired the services of over 100 musicians, including rock icon Ozzy Osbourne, techno DJ Dillon Francis, and rapper Soulja Boy. Additionally, Decentraland has partnered with several firms to host stages and concerts for the event. Some include the NFT music portal Limewire and the AR metaverse platform OVER. Besides hosting the music festival, Decentraland also hosts Metaverse Fashion Week in March and a New Year’s Eve party in December.

Set in a cyberpunk city of the future, the 2022 festival centerpiece is the Tower of Babel stage featuring Universal Music France’s Vladimir Cauchemar, award-winning Chinese idol group SNH48, CryptoPunk Rapper Spottie WiFi, Japanese girl group Atarashii Gakko!.

London-based afro and funk band Amadis & The Ambassador, Finnish one-woman orchestra Maija Kauhanen, space rock project Handshaking, British DJ and producer Akira the Don, DJ Eddy Temple-Morris’ band Losers and Klezma (Web3 music launchpad) artists inc. K-Pop band 2 AM, Israeli DJs and producers Erika Krall and Lian Gold, and former Division One athlete PIP.

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