DG’s ICE Poker User Interaction #1 Popular Plot in Decentraland Requires Ice Wearable NFT’s to Play

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Virtual user interaction platforms in DCL have music, gaming, poker, and wearables in play to earn Metaverse. As the leader in Metaverse crypto projects, Decentraland has dozens of fantastic places for players to visit. This article looks at the top five most popular plots to see in Decentraland right now, ordered by current users, lowest to highest.

#5 casa ROUSTAN – 74 people

decentraland metaverse casa ROUSTAN
Coordinates: (37,-114)

The fifth-most popular plot in Decentraland is casa ROUSTAN, a vibey virtual club with relaxing music and several NFTs you can check out. When we visited casa ROUSTAN were 74 people in a relatively small space, and everyone was showing off their incredible wearables.

As a bonus, see if you manage to reach the highest stage by completing a short obstacle course involving jumping on a series of platforms. Casa ROUSTAN makes for a great place to hang out if you want to listen to a classic hip-hop playlist and show off your wearables.

#4 Golf Craft – 111 people

decentraland metaverse golfcraftCoordinates: (48,-47)

You can play mini-golf by visiting the GolfCraft island. Players can do a free training mini-game to earn experience and points. Once you have enough points, users can start playing competition mode, which gives users more experience, diamonds, and fashion tickets.

Players can use the fashion tickets to claim wearables and use diamonds to upgrade their gold clubs. Each player’s golf club wins experience when playing. Once players have enough experience and diamonds for the new club, users can upgrade it.

For the competition mode, players will be a part of a randomly assigned group. Once all players finish their games, you will receive a chest. Depending on how well you did in the group, you will have a chance to get a diamond inside the chest.

In addition, users can farm coins just by staying in the game. At the time of this writing, you can receive five coins every 10 minutes.

#3 Genesis Plaza – 137 people

decentraland metaverse Genesis PlazaCoordinates: (0,1)

The third-most-popular place in Decentraland is the Genesis Plaza. This is the default hub that users are teleported to when they first join Decentraland.

The Genesis Plaza consists of a snowy white cloud with an underground lounge/bar area that players can access by jumping in the giant whirlpool. The plaza was built by the Decentraland Foundation, providing an experience that welcomes users to the Metaverse.

#2 WonderMine Crafting – 352 people

decentraland metaverse WonderMine CraftingCoordinates: (-27,57)

The second-most popular place in Decentraland, with over 350 people, is the WonderMine Crafting Game.

WonderMine Crafting Game lets players mine meteors in exchange for rare gems and loot. Players get 100 free coins per day and can start mining right away.

As players mine loot, they collect rare gemstones that enable them to craft wearables. The meteors drop a few times a minute and are not hard to find.

It costs five gold and is durable to mine meteors. Each time you mine a meteor, it will deduct some gold and some durability from your pickaxe, similar to Minecraft. Sometimes a meteor might reward you with quite a bit of gold, but usually not enough to cover the initial mining fee.

Users can also upgrade their pickaxe in exchange for higher efficiency and a higher chance of receiving rare rewards. Once users have enough items, they can craft wearables to show to fellow Decentraland members.

There are a variety of wearables that users can mint, some providing a 2-3% minting bonus when mining. Wonder Mine Crafting is a must to check out, especially since the mining is free and doesn’t require any investment.

#1 DG’s ICE Poker – 384 people

decentraland metaverse DG’s ICE PokerCoordinates: (-100,126)

With over 380 people at writing, the most popular place was Decentral Games’ ICE Poker lounge. The lounge consists of ten Texas Hold ’em tables with a Pepe the frog dealer and six playing spots.

Keep in mind that users must be wearing an ICE wearable to sit at free-to-play play-to-earn ICE poker tables. Those are NFTs from Decentral Games’ ICE collection. The lowest-priced NFT that allows users to enjoy the play-to-earn tables currently costs 1.12 ETH.

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